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Financial and Managerial Consulting by RN Mendez



I offer private companies, commercial public entities, and non-government institutions, financial and managerial advice in the following areas:


Financial analysis.  Evaluation of your company's financial and operative results vis-à-vis US companies of the same industrial branch, the same sector, and the overall market.  It includes an analysis of sales growth, profitability, short and long term liquidity, stock valuation, and goal formulation, which will level your company with international competitors.

Budgetting.  How to establish and manage operational, financial and investment budget.  It includes: techniques to produce sales projections; direct and indirect production, sales, and distribution budgets; financial statement and cash flow projection.

Stock market.  How to use the Internet to invest efficiently in the North American capital market.  It includes stock market notions; selection of your ciber-stock broker; how to establish your investment account; evaluation of exchange traded funds; and the use of stock screeners to create investment portfolios.

Electronic commerce.  How to take advantage of opportunities offered by Internet and electronic commerce.  Includes: establishing your web page; promoting your page through search engines and other ways; establishing your commerce account enabling you to sell through credit cards.

International trade.  How to export to other countries.  Includes potential market research (including Colon's Free Zone) and evaluation of free trade treaties.


Should you wish additional information kindly send me a MESSAGE.